Franconia 2030 Winter Olympic Games

For my Senior Thesis project, I created a Winter Olympic Event out of Franconia, NH. The process began back in September with ideas, sketches, and planning. At the beginning of my journey, I planned on developing a brand and communications launch of an Olympic Games based out of Franconia, NH. I created logos, event stationery, an Instagram page, a website and more collateral one would find throughout an Olympic Event. I used skills and lessons that I have collected over the years to effect proper typography, symbolism, and layout design. With classroom, professor, and professional designer critiques I was able to work on my project with plenty of helping hands, influencing me to stretch the limits of my creativity and work ethic!

Link to Project

This is the link to Nora Butler’s project hosted through the Museum of the White Mountains.


Nora Butler’s professional portfolio with some additional insight on her thesis: