Volar Disc Golf

Volar Disc Golf is a disc golf brand symbolized by the peregrine falcon, known as the world’s fastest animal. The peregrine falcon represents speed, determination, and victory. These three elements are at the core of Volar’s mission: providing top speed and precision through our lightweight and durable carbon fiber discs, encouraging competitors to rise above obstacles and to discover their inner power to reach their goals and to awaken our customer’s visionary drive to achieve self-victory. The translation of the word volar from Spanish to English means “to fly”. The Volar logo is a simplified version of the peregrine falcon, and it conveys the essence of speed and precision through its sharp points and directional velocity. The bold use of the colors: yellow, black, and white allow for maximum contrast enabling our brand to stand out against competitors. Heavy typefaces are used to represent strength and power. The use of high-contrasted images and intense compositions provides the viewer with a great sense of the energy. Angles can be seen throughout my designs as a way to evoke movement and create a sleek appeal. A key graphic element that is reflected throughout the brand is the use of carbon fiber. I created a simplified carbon fiber texture out of two mirroring right-angled triangles, this pattern can be seen as an accent found within many of my designs. “Made to fly” is the motto Volar lives by, and I created all of the branding and products to inspire and motivate others to uncover their inner energy, live to their highest potential, and fly above any hardships they may face.

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Volar Disc Golf (Brand Guide) and Portfolio

Volar Disc Golf (Brand Guide): https://online.fliphtml5.com/anfdj/nors/

Personal Portfolio: https://nicholasdoughty.work/